For the artist, dualism in the artistic representation reflects the duality of elements found in nature, in mind and the human condition. Her creative work emerges from the principles of duality. She uses geometry to represent the structured realities of thinking, nature and human life. Organic forms, references to the human body in particular, reflect the realities of alive status which is always random. For her, these two realities coexist in everything. The organic world , necessarily imperfect and temporal , consists of basic elements infinitely small , close to the geometric perfection.

Color and transparency are very important in her work. Transparency is one of her favorite ways to show the duality of the real world and representation . Transparency to unify the images, adjust the light and colors, changing grades . Transparency is a question of limit. Limit of visible, limit of tangible.
See through the lens of the image, see closely, see below.

In her work, she brings together , abstraction and figurative , color and transparency, microscopic and macroscopic , photography and painting, the real and the virtual, and pixel and cells. The artist uses the digital medium for 14 years in her work, because of its wonderful capabilities of assembling by transparency. She seeks to exploit the specificity of the medium , to make works that she could not perform without it. This is the base of the assembly of its hybrid works (painting and digital media ) . It allows her an extraordinary precision of work in layers (layers ) . This artistic approach by layers , reminds one of the oldest techniques and best known painting method, used for centuries by painters past and present . Technology revisits painting. The new celebrate the old ; superposition of layers means superposition of time and space. But the past is no guarantee of the future. It is important for the artist to continue to seek the best ways to translate her inner vision .
This is a decisive condition for the creation of a artistic work that resonates .

In her latest work , she became interested in the animal world and plant and finally mineral. The continuum of life backwards. The involution. In addition to the formal aspect , the artist focuses on the origins, the similarities between the kingdoms , anthropomorphism and the impact of the light in the representation and into the world.